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From Bore Licensing to Bore Construction. Aqua Bore Drillers are your NSW water bore drilling experts servicing all areas of Northern NSW

We Make Accessing Underground Water in Northern NSW Headache-Free

Accessing underground water in NSW is a way of drought proofing small blocks through to large rural properties. Our NSW Water Bore construction and drilling services are world leading and should last a lifetime. Our water bores are an asset which will add value to your property and give many years of service.

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We don’t just drill bores and wells, we simplify the entire process including bore licensing and permits in NSW

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NSW Bore Construction

We construct bores of all types, for all situations and geologies in Northern NSW. The most common types of bores are:

Stock and domestic (low-yielding) water supply bores.

Stock and domestic (low-yielding, non-flowing) bores (with electric submersible pump).

Commercial (higher yielding) water supply bores

Commercial (higher yielding, non-flowing, screened and gravel packed) bores

bore licensing

NSW Bore Licensing & Permits

We can take care of licensing, permits and general guidance to ensure you meet your legal obligations.

Before you can construct  bore on your property, you must ensure that any licenses or permits required for your location are sought and approved. Whether you require a license or permit, depends on your location and function of the water bore.


In NSW, bore licensing is not necessary for stock and domestic bores, but you do need to obtain permit from state water. This is done so a record can be kept of all bores to avoid over use of an aquifer.

There is a fee for a Stock and Domestic Bore Permit. When you call Office of Water have your Lot and DP Number handy so they can locate your property, alternatively, apply online.

If you need a bore for commercial purposes such as irrigation, mining, aquaculture, feedlots, piggeries, poultry farms, golf/sporting areas, guest accommodation, water bottling, snow making then you will need a license.

In some areas you may not get a license to drill a bore for commercial activities, you may have to buy an existing one.

12 Month Guarantee

on All NSW Bore Construction


Don’t Wait until it’s too late. Drought-Proof your NSW Property Now for generations to come

What Our Customers Say

Michael McNamara

I contracted Aquabore Drilling to drill for my domestic bore near Tenterfield in November 2019.
Before, on the day, and after, I found Harry (and Stu) to be professional and organised.
On the day the Drilling Rig and crew ran like a well oiled machine.
Phone calls and emails always promptly replied to, paperwork processed on time and always kept his word.
All that and a good price as well, I couldn’t be happier with Aquabore Drilling.
Thank you for helping make us secure!

Steve Mason

Harry and his team were first class. They got onto my farm without any problem, sorted where to drill and found an excellent source of water. My property otherwise had no permanent secure water supply. Harry fixed that. I now have an abundant supply to service my orchard and house. Couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Aquabore.

Andrew Zagar

Aquabore Drilling, I definitely recommend to anyone seeking professional and friendly service.
Harry and his team are very approachable, their knowledge and expertise in water bore drilling is impeccable with over twenty years experience.
I strongly recommend Aquabore Drilling.
Why not give Harry a call.
Thanks Harry great job.

Dave H

Good stuff, no fuss

Government Preferred Bore Drilling Services

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Serving NSW with world-leading affordable water bore drilling for 30 years

Production Bores



We construct bores of all types, for all situations and geologies.

The most common types of bores are:

  • Stock and domestic (low-yielding) water supply bores
  • Stock and domestic (low-yielding, non-flowing) bores (with electric submersible pump)
  • Commercial (higher yielding) water supply bores
  • Commercial (higher yielding, non-flowing, screened and gravel packed) bores



water wells




We are the experts in well drilling and well construction in NSW.

The term “well” is often used in place of “Bore” and can serve the same purpose. Ultimately our well drilling services offer world-leading affordable access to underground water to drought proof your property in all geologies and conditions with our world leading eco-friendly well digging technology.


monitoring bores

Monitoring Bores


Monitoring bores are used to monitor water levels, water quality and monitor contaminants such as hydrocarbons, coliforms, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

Monitoring bores are generally low-yield construction but provide for accurate water sampling and water measurements from a particular area of interest in an aquifer.

sand spears

Sand Spears


Sand Spears are a type of bore used in shallow (less than 6m depth) unconfined aquifers.

Shallow installations are usually used for delivering low quantities of water for watering a garden for example.

Clean. Renewable. Eco-Friendly.

Underground water is generally safer than surface water for drinking because of the filtration and natural purification process which takes place underground.

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