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Drilling water bores is our passion and business. We are a family owned company with over 30 years drilling experience covering water drilling, mineral and opal exploration.

Our chief driller Harry has travelled all over NSW and QLD in search of liquid gold and successfully drought proofing hundreds of properties.

We are renowned as one of NSW and QLD’s most experienced and fair-dinkum bore drilling companies with world leading quality and safety standards.

We are fully licensed drillers. We hold a Class 6 NSW license as well as a QLD ADITC licence.

We are friendly caring guys looking at expanding our business by satisfying you, the customer.

All our water bores are constructed to, or at least the Minimum Construction Requirements For Water Bores in Australia. These are mandatory requirements set down by the ADITC.

We always go a step above by finishing our water bores with an attractive painted outer casing. This outer casing is to protect the bore casing from UV, stock or other damage. Every bore is constructed as if it were our own using world best practice, best materials and world leading technology.

Our aim is to find you water and drought proof your property at the lowest cost possible.


Fair-Go Policy

We don’t raise our prices during tough times of drought like other water bore contractors


Affordable Pricing

Our fixed per-metre cost lets you know how much you’ll pay. Aqua Bore Drilling was founded on a code of Transparency and Honesty


12 Month Guarantee

We stand by our product. So you can rest easy with our 12 months guarantee on bore construction.

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Quality, Safety, Affordability

We have licences which cover every type of water bore. Our rates are very competitive and our bores are constructed to the highest standards set by Australian Minimum Standards for Water Bore Construction of Australia.

“Gday, I’m Harry, owner of Aqua Bore Drilling. I’ve been digging bore holes for over 30 years in Northern NSW, Southern QLD and across the great artesian basin. We have built Aqua Bore Drilling into the leading bore drilling contractor in all of NSW and QLD. We stand by our fair-go policy so we will never increase our prices during drought and hard times like others do. Our water bores can literally last a lifetime and they all come with a 12 month construction warranty. Feel free to ask for an indicative quote, we will handle the rest from there.”

Harry Hensen

Owner, Aqua Bore Drilling

Clean. Renewable. Eco-Friendly.

Underground water is generally safer than surface water for drinking because of the filtration and natural purification process which takes place underground.

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