How the cost of water bore drilling is calculated

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Water Bore Drilling depends on many factors

Every bore hole is unique because the combination of factors that impact the components and processes used will always be different. A bore hole drilling cost is not just a number on a paper, but a carefully calculated formula affected by the conditions.

We start off by providing you with an indicative quote. Once we start drilling, there are 4 factors which will impact the final price. As soon as the bore hole construction is complete, we calculate the final costs and provide you with an invoice. In almost all cases, the final cost is very close to the indicative cost. Our 30 years drilling experience means we can simply estimate better than the rest.



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We don’t raise our prices during tough times of drought like other water bore contractors


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We stand by our product. So you can rest easy with our 12 months guarantee on bore construction.

Pricing Factors

The factors which affect bore hole drilling and construction costs

The Geology



The type of ground and geology of the site where you want to drill a borehole are the biggest factors that will impact the borehole price. It is critical to have an experienced bore hole  professional perform the geological research of the site to assess whether it’s rock, sand or clay you are dealing with.



    water wells

    The Depth



    Another important factor will be the depth of the bore hole, because groundwater will flow differently at different locations. This again can be found by the geological research done by your selected bore hole contractor, so experience is key in order to get the most accurate estimates as possible.


    monitoring bores

    The Function


    The purpose of your bore hole may also play a factor in the overall cost because there are no plug-and-play one-size-fits-all bore hole solutions. Every project is completely customised to each customer and situation.


    sand spears

    The Time & Materials


    Depending on the other 3 factors, the machinery, time and materialsd required will vary.


    Clean. Renewable. Eco-Friendly.

    Underground water is generally safer than surface water for drinking because of the filtration and natural purification process which takes place underground.

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